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Planning, monitoring and evaluation of PSDP


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Welcome to the official website of Directorate General Monitoring & Evaluation, P&D, Punjab. We invite you to get to know our organization by exploring this site on which you will learn about our mission, vision and objectives. The site also provides information about different projects and provides access to valuable statistics. We hope…



Assessing performance, analyzing organizational performance; and examining processes in the environment of an organization.



Examination, at specified points in time of projects performance, usually with emphasis on impact and also on relevance & efficiency.



Third Party Validation is to gauge the progress with regard to its objectives and intended impact from an independent perspective.


Special Assignment

Special Assignments on the direction of CM Punjab, Chief Secretary’s Punjab and Chairman PND Board, Govt. of the Punjab.

Effect of M&E

Fiscal strains, ever-rising expectations from ordinary citizens, accountability pressures from civil society and parliaments, desire for curbing and controlling corruption and other leakages, and burgeoning requirements from international donors provide a continuous impetus to governments for enhancing the quantity and quality of government services. Constrained development budget leaves quality improvement.




Public Sector Development projects

The word ‘development’ may be used in numerous contexts. In all these contexts, it denotes some kind of change. It can be viewed as a process of societal change that generates some perceived benefits for people, or as a state…

Role of Monitoring & Evaluation in evidence based policy making

Welcome to the two day conference on “Role of Monitoring & Evaluation in Evidence Based Policy Making” scheduled to be held on December 30-31 2015, organized jointly by the Directorate General (Monitoring & Evaluation), Planning & Development Department, Government of the Punjab and UNICEF, Pakistan.

About DGM&E

Planning, monitoring and evaluation of Public Sector Development Projects (PSDP) for better performance, transparency and governance along with improved service deliver and public benefits. This will ensure timely, within specification and within budget completion of development projects undertaken by the province.

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